Our Story

We founded MySaudiaTour in 2019 as we wanted to share a way of travelling that didnโ€™t yet exist in Saudi Arabia โ€“ a tailored approach to planning a holiday,hiring guide,booking flights,hotels and cars under one roof.

MySaudiaTour is for the travelers and local guides in Saudi Arabia to be connected.

Our mission

  • To provide a warm, professional, and knowledgeable service to all clients, as well as to potential clientele.
  • We stand to offer an environmentally and socially conscious approach to tourism, hoping that in the future we help to create a comfortable relationship between the people of Saudi//Expats and the passionate travelers.
  • To have an ongoing aim to make our clientโ€™s lives a little happier through an encounter with Saudi Arabia Culture. We work hard with our clients because we enjoy working with their dreams of visiting the kingdom of Saudi Arabiaโ€ฆand soon bringing them to life.
  • Clients are our friends. It is our mission to bring forth a high quality of personality and trust, in turn creating an everlasting memory of Saudi Arabia. Our objective in every case is to receive the testimonial words that will bring the utmost satisfaction to our daily work environment. Word of mouth travels further than any advertisement, and creates a never ending chain of satisfied travelers.


local guides

Our guides are an enthusiastic and informed lot who thrive on taking travelers through what they know and love about Saudi Arabia.



We offer the largest selection of accommodation online, with lots of bookable rooms in all over Saudi Arabia.



When people think of Saudi Arabia, they immediately think of Riyadh, Makkah or Jeddah. But what most people don't know is that Saudi Arabia has a lot of beautiful places that exist outside of these three places.



Confirm your booking today as thousands of other travels to Saudi Arabia.


My Saudia Tour

Jabir Ahmad (JAM)


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