We understand that questions can arise for travelers & local guides throughout using MySaudiaTour platform.

To assist you, we’ve provided answers here for some of the questions we see most often. If your question is not listed below, please get in-touch with us on info@mysaudiatour.com .


How do i register?
One can register by clicking on the “Become an Agent” link on the top of the page. We recommend that you sign up using your email ID . However, you can also sign up using your Facebook, Google+ & Twitter account . Once you start the registration process, the system will send you an email and then follow the instruction to continue the process. Remember to make your profile as informative as you can.
Do i need to pay any registration fee?
No, it’s totally free to sign up.
Can I put my contact details on my profile?
Please put all contact details only in the sections provided. One cannot put contact details on the “About Me” section or in other sections such as the tours or articles.
Do I have to be licensed to register?
All local laws need to be followed. In case the laws require you to be licensed to provide the services that you are offering, then we require that you be licensed. To secure our travelers and get verified, you are required to share your latest license copy with us.
How does it works?
All you need to create your account and add your services that you can offer and then just share link with your contacts and on social media to get clients.
How can i withdraw my earning?
Once you have 1000 SAR or 500 $ net earning in your account then your can request to withdraw your amount. After requesting withdrawal amount, we will send your amount to your Paypal in the next 24hrs
I signed up as a guide, but actually I am a tour operator (or vice versa). what should i do?
Please write to us at partners@mysaudiatour.com, so that we can assist in your account conversion.
What is a half-day tour?
You can set prices for providing a half-day tour. Usually, that will refer to a 4-hour tour, unless you have agreed to a different time frame with the traveller. While setting prices, remember to keep in mind the fees charged by MySaudiaTour. While booking a half-day tour, the traveller can specify that he/she would like the half-day tour to be in the morning (AM) or afternoon (PM). The exact meeting time and place would need to be agreed with the traveller.
What is a full day tour?
You can set prices for providing a full day tour. Usually, that will refer to an 8-hour tour, unless you have agreed to a different time frame with the traveller. While setting prices, remember to keep in mind the fee that is charged by MySaudiaTour.
How can i get reviews?
Before you say bye to a traveller you can ask him/her to review your tour package.
How much commission do you charge?
MySaudiaTour Charge as low as 25% commission on confirmed bookings.
How can i get more clients?
Offer as lowest price as you can and give the best experience to your clients.
How do I respond to traveller requests?
To respond to traveller requests, follow the below steps: a) Login to your MySaudiaTour account. b) Click on Booking History, and locate the assignment you would like to respond to. c) Click on apply, and fill out all the details, including the price and proposed itinerary. d) Click on submit when you are ready.
Why is the system not allowing me to share my contact information?
As per MySaudiaTour policies, tour guides and tour companies cannot share their information with the travellers prior to receiving a tour booking. However, you are free to chat with the traveller online through the MySaudiaTour chat system, which can be accessed by clicking on the message icon on the proposal page. Once a booking is confirmed, a free flow of contact information is allowed to ease communication.
Can I cancel the tour booking that I have already accepted?
We understand that at times there can be situations where you are unable to honor a booking due to ill health etc. In such cases, you are requested to a) Inform the traveller immediately, b) cancel the tour in the system and c) let us know immediately as well on partners@mysaudiatour.com as to the nature of the problem. Please note that you will automatically lose your super guide status, and will not be able to earn the super guide status in the next quarter as well. In case you cancel tours frequently, your rating will be negatively impacted. Furthermore, you will start receiving fewer booking queries from MySaudiaTour going forward; therefore it is advisable to accept a booking only in case you are able to honour the same.
What if the traveller cancels the tour booking? Or in case he is a no-show?
The traveller is allowed to cancel the tour package to the cancellation policies governing the booked tour. Your compensation depends on what type of package your offered.
What are the cancellation policies available to me?
The cancellation policies vary by the packages you offer. In case you offer free cancellation then there will be no compensation for you on the cancelled bookings.


What is MST Winner Guides?
MST Winner guides are guides or tour companies who have proven that they are experts in their area of Saudi Arabia and are valued by travellers for their services. In recognition of their contribution in making their past client’s holidays memorable, they are awarded the MST Winner Guide status on the MYSaudiaTour platform.
How can one become MST Winner Guide?
In order to become a MST Winner Guide, a guide must meet the performance targets set by MySaudiaTour which may vary or change from time to time. Upon meeting the performance targets, a guide is automatically rewarded the MST Winner Guide status.
Are there any eligibility criteria for MST Winner Guides?
All guides and tour operators on the MySaudiaTour platform are eligible to become MST Winner Guides, and can receive the status upon meeting the targets specified by MySaudiaTour.
What are the targets to becoming a MST Winner Guide?
The exact targets may vary depending on a number of reasons such as number of bookings, season, etc; the targets may also be revised from time to time. These may include the following: (i) Trips Reviewed- Receiving reviews from clients on services provided (ii) Overall Rating- Maintaining the overall rating (iii) Profile completed- Maintaining the quality of the profile (iv) Trips completed- Completing a specified number of trips (v) Trips cancelled- Ensuring no trips are cancelled (vi) Invitation response- Ensuring a high response rate to invitations received
Is there an equivalent of MST Winner Guides for tour operators?
Tour operators are also equally eligible for the MST Winner Guide status as other guides. There is no separate program from the MST Winner Guide program for tour operators. A tour operator can receive the recognition of being a MST Winner Guide by meeting the targets on their bookings.
When will one know that who won the MST Winner guide Award?
MST Winner guide can be announce every six months and every year?
How would one know if they are a MST Winner Guide?
A MST Winner Guide will receive a psychical award, Popup announcement up to one month MySaudiaTour & also will have their MST Winner Guide medallion displayed on their profile page so that travelers can see it to get more recognition.
What are the advantages that a MST Winner Guide receives?
The display of the MST Winner Guide medallion on the guide’s profile demonstrates to potential clients, the verdict of past clients that they have enjoyed and valued the Super Guide's services. This serves as further endorsement and confidence in the super guide’s abilities to deliver excellent services.
Why should a traveller prefer a MST Winner Guide?
Travellers often have confidence in guides who have proven their consistency and have previously satisfied customers with their services. Guides who meet certain performance targets are automatically awarded the MST Winner Guide status. While MySaudiaTour does not endorse or guarantee the quality of services of a MST Winner Guide, reviews from past clients serve as a testament to their abilities!
Does it cost more to book the services of a MST Winner Guide?
The cost of services of a guide does not have any relation with their MST Winner Guide status.

Local Guides

What is the difference between half day, full day and custom tour?
In case you need a guide for a half-day tour, which is usually for a duration of 4 hours, you should select the half day tour option. In case you need a guide for the full day, which is typically for a duration of 8 hours, you should choose the full day option. Alternatively, if you need a custom tour that may extend over several days, you can select the custom tour option.
How do I make a booking?
To make a booking, find your favorite package & check details and then simply click BOOK NOW on the right side of the package. To make a booking, you can go with our multi payment options as Paypal, Visa Card & Bank Transfer to complete the booking.
What if I am unhappy with my tour?
Since you will be with the guide at the time, we recommend that you discuss the source of your unhappiness with your guide. In most cases, they should be able to work things out. In the unlikely event you are still not satisfied, please let us know at the earliest on support@mysaudiatour.com so that we can look into the matter.
What are your cancellation policies?
You will be refunded upto 80% of the tour price for cancellations more than 2 days in advance.
Why am I unable to share contact information with the guide?
As per the MySaudiaTour terms and conditions, we allow contact information to be shared only once the booking has been confirmed. Prior to that, you are free to chat with the guide through the MySaudiaTour chat software which can he accessed by clicking on the message icon on the package booking pages.
What if my guide cancels?
There is a possibility that the guide too may cancel at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. In such circumstances, based on your wishes we will either try to locate a new replacement guide for you; Otherwise, we will issue you a refund of the initial deposit paid in the form of MySaudiaTour which can be use to book future travel package on MySaudiaTour.
What are the cancellation policies that are applicable?
The cancellation policies may vary from package to package even within the same Saudi Arabia. Therefore, please read the cancellation policies carefully before making the booking

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